Alchemize Your Inner Truth Through Breath and Sound.

Empower Yourself with Sacred Breath Alchemy - Experience transformative breathwork, sound healing sessions, meditations and sacred cacao ceremonies, in person and online.

About Sacred Breath Alchemy

We offer a transformative practice of Breathwork and Sound Healing that brings about instant shifts in your clarity, connection and inner peace.

Through our guidance, you will uncover the healing potential of the breath, finding solace from stress and anxiety while nurturing self-awareness, love, and compassion, all within the sanctuary of your home. The teachings of Sacred Breath Alchemy amalgamate powerful breathwork techniques from various global traditions, offering you immediate integration into your everyday routine. By embracing these practices, you can enhance relationships, cultivate mental clarity, and discover a profound sense of purpose and direction in life.

About Us

Jade Lyons

Breathwork & Sound Healing Facilitator

With a deep mastery of breathwork and sound healing, Jade has dedicated his life to guiding others on profound journeys of healing and self-discovery. Having completed an in depth 400-hour facilitator certification from Alchemy of Breath, Jade fluidly combines the transformative power of breathwork and sound healing. Guided by Jade's expertise, participants embark on profound journeys of healing and self-discovery. Jade's sessions feature the resonant vibrations of the gong, expertly wielded by a true master. This integration of breathwork and sound creates a harmonious and immersive experience. Through the art of conscious breathing and the healing vibrations of the gong, Jade facilitates deep relaxation, emotional release, and spiritual growth. Join Jade on a transformative path of self-transformation, as you tap into the profound healing potential of breathwork and the enchanting resonance of the gong.

Email: jade@projectmanifest.org

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Yuki Lyons

Cacao / Meditation Facilitator

Yuki Lyons, a Japanese native, discovered the transformative power of cacao and felt an immediate connection to its healing properties. Venturing to Guatemala, she found herself in a sacred Cacao jungle, immersing herself in Mayan cosmovisión and cacao facilitation. Yuki's heartfelt cacao ceremonies bridge cultures through prayers in both Japanese and English, connecting with spirits and ancestors. Through channeling visions and expressing gratitude for Mama cacao, she invites you to join her on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

Email: ypierce113@gmail.com

What We Offer

Alchemical Breathwork

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation through the practice of conscious connected breath. Whether you choose to participate in person or online, Jade’s guidance remains equally potent and transformative, allowing for a deep and powerful exploration of your inner landscape. Through this experience, you will gently release any accumulated tension, stagnant emotions, and energetic blockages, regardless of your physical location. As you breathe, the body and mind enter a state of deep relaxation, providing an opportunity for inner healing, self-awareness, and personal growth.  Uncover the wisdom that resides within, accessing profound insights, clarity, and a renewed sense of inner peace.

Sound Healing

Embark on a transformative journey with Alchemical Sound Healing, guided by the master sound healer Jade Lyons. Jade’s unrivaled expertise in gong mastery intertwines with an array of healing instruments, binaural tones, and ambient samples, creating an enchanting tapestry of sonic bliss. Immerse yourself in this profound exploration, where deep relaxation, stress relief, heightened creativity, focused attention, and spiritual connection await. The harmonizing energy of this transformative experience restores resonance, balances the mind, body, and soul. Surrender to the power of sound and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and healing.

Heart Opening
Cacao Ceremony

Experience YUKI’s captivating cacao ceremony, a fusion of authentic traditions and cultural richness. Drawing from Mayan roots and Japanese heritage, YUKI crafts a transformative journey that opens your heart and connects you with your true self. Join this extraordinary quest of self-discovery and transformation, guided by YUKI’s wisdom. Immerse yourself in the sacred space, as the aroma of cacao unlocks hidden depths within. Awaken a profound sense of belonging and purpose as cultural threads intertwine. Surrender to the magic of YUKI’s ceremony, embracing its transformative power to ignite self-realization and inner harmony.

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